This series is my love letter to everything outside of the beauty standard and how we expect things to look and be.

Hardest Soft

A series that subverts the toughness of steel hardware with organic shapes and details like pearls and crystals.

Heven Is A Strip Club, 2023



FEB 10. Treskul Records Boni, Manila PH
Slow Cook X Elementari: PURA BASURA Flash tattoos by: Kat Reyes of Elementari Php1,000, 2x2in, arms & legs only. DJ sets by: Major Chie DJxAW Hosted by: Datu Maama Powered by: Odile & Co. Door charge: Php150 4:00p, 10Feb2024, Saturday, Treskul Records Boni Manila, Philippines

Artist Bio

Kat Reyes reimagines jewelry and objects with unconventional forms, materials, and techniques. She has a Business degree from the University of the Philippines, and eight years of experience in the fashion industry. In 2015, she left her corporate job to pursue her own creative projects. Two years later, ELEMENTARI was born out of her fascination with nature and sculptural art.


Mon–Thu 10:00 AM–5:00 PM Quezon City, Philippines